Keeping pace with the current data protection regulatory landscape and achieving right-sized compliance.


Building defense in depth through zero trust implementation – from the enterprise to applications to people.

Risk Strategy

Data driven analysis and advisory services to support key initiatives and assess risk factors. Build your Risk Management strategy today. 


Expert governance & data governance consulting to ensure compliance, manage risk, and optimize data quality for your business success.

About us

Modern Consulting Firm specializing in Strategy, Security, and Transformation

BD Emerson provides strategic services to clients looking to change their risk and compliance posture, and achieve higher levels of security without slowing down the speed of business.

A few things we’re great at

From data governance and cybersecurity to compliance audits to virtual CISO services, BD Emerson brings a unique skill set together to modernize risk strategy.

Our CIPP certified staff are ready to bring Data Privacy into the development stack. We support organizations as they embark on building a privacy program to comply with regulations.

Security Audits

We can provide security assessments and preparedness services for all security frameworks to ensure clients are ready to meet the challenges of audits and certification.

Technology Selection

Our experts provide technology evaluations to help clients find the best business solutions for their enterprise. By understanding the strategic intent of our clients, we help make sound decisions.

Change Management

Through the ADKAR framework, our consultants can minimize the cost and time to adapt organizational changes.

Governance Strategy

Whether it is preparing for an audit or just running the business, we have helped clients establish a governance strategy.

Business Strategy

Our experts have supported clients through organizational transformations, and are poised to help clients grow.

Our work in numbers

Our experts deliver the highest quality services in support of your programs.

Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

The Secret of Success

While you may have not been a victim of a ransomware attack, your organizational assets are at risk if you do not have reasonable security measures in place.


We work with clients to inventory technology and processes using industry best practices. Knowing where you are helps you build your roadmap.

Regulatory Obligations

Our certified experts help clients identify requirements to become compliant, whether it’s GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA or others.

Security Audit & Remediation

We will prevent clients from overspending on firms or technology. We will recommend the most suitable controls. 

vCISO Services

No organization stays in the green without continuous leadership and risk guidance. Our virtual CISO service is the answer. Rapid maturity will occur.

Digital Transformation

The Secret of Success

Experts suggest that all businesses will be software businesses within the next decade. How are you making the push to bring your core competencies in house?

Organizational Assessments

Before you can build your strategy, you must know where you are today.

Initiative Design

Lay the foundation for the core programs that will drive your profitability. Prioritize this work by involving us at the start.

Agile Coaching

It is time for the full business to adapt to an Agile framework. We can teach you to deliver.

Change Management

Leading change is hard. Our certified change experts have experience and insight you need.

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